About the Department of Comparative Literature


At the Department of Comparative Literature - World Literature we study and research texts from different cultures (Europe, America, East Asia); periods (classical, medieval, renaissance, modern, post-modern); and mediums (literature, poetry, drama, theatre, cinema, art, music). We encourage our students to develop original and creative theoretical approaches to the different texts and cultures that are learned.

Our graduates work as academic researchers, teachers, dramaturges, editors, and writers.

Our students learn in a warm and supportive academic environment  and are welcome to take part in the many extracurricular activities that the department offers and which include academic conferences, meetings with authors, visits to the theatre and to art exhibitions, and an intellectual discourse between faculty and students.

The Department of Comparative Literature offers undergraduate studies (BA) and graduate studies (MA and PhD). Undergraduate studies can be taken as a major program or combined with studies from other departments in the university, such as psychology, history, education etc. Graduate students work closely with their individual mentor on developing a research thesis that is based on their own original thought and analysis.