Literature and Visual Arts

Musings on the similarities and differences between literature and visual arts, which engaged thinkers and artists even in ancient times, have been reemerging in the modern and postmodern eras and expanded to new mediums: photography, cinema, and video art. This research field practically and theoretically compares artworks and their combination, understanding that each work exists in a primary sphere where its natural unique virtues are being realized, while it simultaneously aspires to break boundaries through borrowing, adoption, and internalization of features from the different art fields. We invite our students to follow the history, metamorphosis, and varied opportunities that stem from the comparison between arts. Among the topics we touch upon are the design of time and space in literature and visual arts, the movements and streams that include artistic interrelations, the metamorphosis of literary work in visual arts, and the influence of new and old visual arts on the characteristics of written literature.